‘You Are My World Now.’ [Lesson 4]

Teaching your teenage daughter how to become completely codependent and how she most certainly should not have a social life for her own? Twilight is your book. Falling in love with a vampire that forbids you to go out on your own and is willing to flat your tires for it is of course everybody’s dream nowadays, and you better keep your mouth shut or he will let you bleed to death in your sleep.
First things first: I only chose to read this book because it was laying around the house anyway. My little sister had some weird dream telling her that it MIGHT be fun to read. Hence the laying around, the book has lost its use after the first chapter. The other reason why I did not read one of the other books on the list was that my bank account was screaming big red numbers at me and with a big sigh I decided that well, karma has gotten me at last and I would have to bite myself through the most appalling book I have ever heard of.
Basically, this story is about a girl who meets a boy. Falls head over heels in love with him, finds out that he is a vampire and she is fine with that. Now that is where my alarm bells went off, but hey, it looks like she does not have any bells at all. Might be caused by her nickname, or by the fact that she is just drawn to life threatening events and is an adrenaline junkie in disguise.
Bella is an outsider. That is pretty much clear when we get to meet her on her trip to Forks. We creep into her mind and feel what she is thinking and feel what she is feeling- all over the place from time to time. She feels different from all the others, rather reading her worn out copy of wuthering heights than socializing with her friends. Nothing bad with that, but her new found friends think otherwise, which gets even worse when she turns out to be what Edward Cullen has been waiting for. He is an outsider as well, for the obvious reason of not wanting to suck all his classmates dry of course.
Bella makes wrong choices – if you ask me. Choosing to give up your life for somebody who is a secret predator and swallows half of the wildlife in the woods of Washington. He tells her that repeatedly, but stubborn as she is, she has already made the choice to stay with him for the rest of her life – even if he might be the cause that that life will only last for a couple more weeks if he does not watch himself.

The other book that was discussed in class was not that much better if I had to believe my classmates. This book might even be worse, if I have to believe some of the quotations that caught my ear during the lessen. The mushy theme is much stronger in this one, dealing with sex and all. This book did come across as if the protagonist is much less obsessed with her object of liking. Their relationship is stronger, but fades during a holiday which sets the protagonist in a hard situation.
I can see why this book would attract a type of readers. And this type of reader is that of the teenage girl with lack of a love life. When you become a teenager your hormones start running and you can feel all over the place all the time. That is why the character of Bella is very relatable to these readers. The book is filled with love, with fantasies of Edward and some hot scenes in which they kiss as if it is their last day. This fills up the hole and provides them with a mushy love story in which they can drown in their own misery. All I can hope for is that they do not set an example for their own lives with this book.


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